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Up & Down

Oct 22, 2019

Jason Day and his wife Ellie discuss some of the most significant and personal moments in their lives together. The two recap the unique and timid way in which they first met in 2005 (1:25). Jason explains how he used a scrapbook to propose to Ellie in 2009 (7:16). Ellie tells the story of how she found out that she was pregnant with their first child ahead of the 2011 Presidents Cup in Australia (9:15). The incredible run of dominance Jason had in 2015-16 with 8 PGA TOUR wins in the span of a 15-month period, reaching World Number 1 for the first time in his career (14:00). Jason and Ellie talk about life on the road, as they travel from tournament-to-tournament in their RV (19:40). And finally, the two explain in their own words what happened the night Ellie was taken out by LeBron James as he jumped into the fans for a ball during a Cleveland Cavilers game (26:30).